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Birding China-Wuyuan

Day 8. 4 June  2016


The post-card picture perfect village by the river side.
Wuyaun countryside, quaint villages and scenic river and rolling mountains.

Wuyaun at the north-east of Jiangxi province is a scenic tourist destination fame for its colorful countryside in summer and unique architecture of its houses.  One of the main attractions is rafting down the many serene rivers. This is also our last stop of the trip with a critically endangered Blue-crowned Laughingthrush to tick.

Old village riuns with the unique roofs design in the background
Old village ruins with the unique roofs design in the background. Birding overseas bring us to places like this off the beaten track.
Villagers spent their time outside their homes
Village life is so unhurried. 
Blur-crowned Laughingthrush
Blue-crowned Laughingthrush came out to greet us when we got to the site after walking through the village. I was lucky to get this shot early. The entire population is confined to the mixed forest areas in  Jiangxi
The woodlands site for the Blue-crowned Laughingthrush . The village headman (with umbrella), the self appointed guardian of this laughingthrush kept asking us to leave even though this is a public place. Part of the reason could be the threat of poaching for the cage bird trade. Out of respect for his age, we left.
Tony led the way through the country path behind the village.
Tony Pang led the bash through the country path behind the village for another chance to see the Elliot’s Pheasant and the Short-tailed Parrotbill. It was great that he came along to help us with the birding. We ticked the  Rufous-capped Babbler, Dusky and Huet’s Fulvettas here. Menxiu tried to find the Long-billed Plover by the riverside for us, but the high water level covered many of the sandbars where they like to rest. 

The Barn Swallows were busy feeding its chicks with crickets. The Red-rumped entire nest is made from mud from the river banks.

Red-rumped Swallow
Red-rumped Swallow returning to its nest to feed its young. They made their nests under the balconies of houses in the countryside.


Roof top hide
The nest hole of the Pied Falconet brought a windfall for this hotel. The owners built a hide on the roof top for birders looking for close up eye level shots of this rare falconet. Unfortunately the parent did not move out of the nest and the other did not return during the afternoon when we were there.


Light-vented Bulbul with a beetle for its chick.
Common Light-vented Bulbul with a beetle for its chick.
Common butterfly helping to pollinate the cucember plant
Menxiu what is this common butterfly that helps to pollinate the cucumber plant?

Finally it leaves me to thank Menxiu Tong, our guide for his bird knowledge and guiding expertise in getting the target species and ordering great food for us, Alfred and his wife for putting this trip together, birding friends Ju Lin, Ping Ling, Pah Liang for their great company and help and Tony Pang for sharing his knowledge of the local birds with us.

The dish of the trip.
And the best dish of the trip was …. the Steamed Pork Knuckles at Wuyuan.  Menxiu turned out to be quite a foodie and knew the off road family restaurants that served signature dishes. The cook told us that he had to steam this dish for 6 hours before he will serve it. We are still drooling over this dish.