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Birding China- Poyang Lake

Day 7. 3 June 2016

Poyang Lake.

Reed beds at Poyang Lake
Reed beds at Poyang Lake, largest fresh water lake in China. The size of the lake varies with the season. During winter, the lake is an important site for the Siberian Cranes and half a million migrant waterbirds.

This was not on our itinerary. But since we ticked the Reeve’s Pheasant on the very first day, our guide Menxiu decided to take a detour to Poyang Lake, China’s largest lake in Jiangxi Province to try for the Marsh Grassbird, which we dipped. It meant that he had to go down to the train station to change our train tickets, re-book our hotels and organise a coach to take us there. We are most grateful to Menxiu for doing his best to maximise our birding.

Birding at Poyang Lake with the Visitor's Center on the left
Birding at Poyang Lake with the Visitor’s Center on the left. Six Cotton Pygmy Goose were resting on the roof of the Visitor Center.


We were looking for the Cotton Pygmy Goose on the water but Menxiu found them perched on top of the Visitor’s Center ¬†instead.


This happens in the summer when the lake overflows and made it impassable even for vehicles. We all had to bash through the tall reeds to get back to our car.


Whiskered Tern in breeding plumage back at its nesting grounds
Whiskered Tern in breeding plumage back at its nesting grounds
Yabbies from Poyang Lake
Fishing at the lake has since been banned but this did not stop the locals from catching Yabbies.
Cotton Pygmy Goose
Cotton Pygmy Goose on a dreary day. Not that common here.

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