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Jiak Hong* Birding – March 2016

This introduced Yellow-crested Cockatoo is paring with a Tanimbar Corella most probably because it cannot find a mate around Wessex Estate. They can be separated from the larger and more common Sulphur-crested Cockatoo by the yellow cheeks and under-tail.


The Grab
The waters off Sungei Buloh is teeming with fish. This sub adult WBSE has mastered catching with both talons. One dive and lunch is served.
Golden-bellied Gerygone
The smallest bird in Singapore, the Golden-bellied Gerygone is ofren heard calling from the canopy of rain trees and hard to see. This one came out into the open at Bidadari in hope of attracting a mate.
Sunbirds and Bulbuls like this Yellow-vented are fixated with their reflected images from car sunroofs and mirrors. Are  they trying to fight off a perceived rival or mate?  Taken at the car park at SBWR.
This Snipe at the Chinese Gardens just refused to be photographed with its tail spread. I had to go low to get this shot. We know that it is not a Common due to the shorter bill and buffer plumage, so it will have to remain as “Swintail”.


Pied Fantial Chinese Gardens
When I was photographing the Snipe, this Pied Fantail came down to the stream and start picking up the water fleas there. This is the first time I seen them feeding like this. Now you know why their preferred habitat is near water.
Eurasian Collared Dove Chinese Gardens
Not sure if this Eurasian Collared Dove was the same ones I saw more than 10 years ago at the Chinese Gardens. This pair is very tame as expected from species that are used to urban habitat.
Asian Brown Flycatcher at Tuas South
The Asian Brown Flycatchers are on their way back north together with the other flycatchers. This one was taking a rest at the woods at Tuas South. As the Leguminous trees there are short, you can get low eye view shots of this flycatcher.


This shot of the common Striated Heron perched on a stake off SBWR reminds me of those offshore fishermen of Sri Lanka. This one just caught a small fish that came in with the rising tide.

  • Jiak Hong is Hokkien for “Eat Wind” which means leisure drive, walk or stroll to shoot the breeze.