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Fishing Eagles at the Swan Lake

For the Grey-headed Fish Eagle it is all about getting its catch before dark. I thought that this photo of the Fish Eagle staring intently down sums up what it is all about.

The photographers gathered by the side of the Swan Lake this evening were waiting for the Grey-headed Fish Eagles to show up. Right on cue, it came in and perched on top of a tall tree. We all ran back to our cameras. Everyone was exited. But it is too far for any shots even for the big guns. We waited. After half an hour or so, it scooped down to a lower perched on the other side of the lake. We all moved to this side and started shooting.

Its favorite perch on a low palm close to the water.

It finally ended up at its favorite perch on a low palm in the middle of the lake. For us it was all about getting some action and moment shots. But for the fish eagle it was all about getting its catch before dark or else go hungry for the night. The day ended well for both the eagle and the photographers. It got a nice size catfish and the photographers the shots they came for.

One dive,one strike. Flying off to the back woods with a nice size catfish dinner with its mate.