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Wild Sandakan. Kinabatangan.

This is my second visit to the Kinabatangan Wetlands after a long absence. We had the river and tributaries almost to ourselves then, but today the number of nature seekers flocking to experience a slice of the wild life there has exploded. It is now harder to escape to the wild.


Evening grow over the riverside forest of the Kinabatangan.

We did not get to see any of the endemic Pygmy Elephants or Orangutans this trip. Luckily the rest of the inhabitants are still around to give the tourists a sense of “Kinabatangan” experience.


Morning river cruises are cool and misty. Life around the river was just stirring.

We joined the 3D2N package offered by the Borneo Natural Sukau Bilit Resort and went along with their morning and evening river cruises, day and night walks with the rest of the guests. As I was not expecting much and certainly not thinking of getting close to the Storm Stork or Oriental Darters, I was able to enjoy whatever nature that we came across.

Borneon Natural Sukau Bilit Resort

The resort dining area faces the river with comfortable chalets at the back connected by boardwalks. It is a two hours drive from Sepilok to Sukau where a number of resorts can be found.


Nice and clean looking baby crocodile estimated to be 6 years old.


Mama crocodile spend most of the day sunbathing at the muddy banks digesting its meal.


Alpha males has to fight off younger male to keep its harem.


A bachelor group of younger males foraging and playing together. 


The “Pinocchio” nose and big stomach set these Proboscis monkey apart from the rest of the primates.


All the photography along the river are done on board the boat. 

Plume-toed Swifltet

Plume-toed Swiflets hawking insects over the forests in the evening.


A flock of 20 Bushy-crested Hornbills can be really noisy when they all started to communicate with each other. This was taken behind the resort.

Oriental Darter

Oriental Darters is one of the more common waterbirds along the river bands. I remembered getting really close to them drying their feathers during my last trip, but not anymore.

Wrinkled Hornbill

This Wrinkled Hornbill flew across very early one morning and this is the best I can do to bring out the colors.

White-crowned Shama

The White-crowned Shama was our alarm clock every morning at the resort. The call is just as melodious as the White-rumped Shama. It is endemic to Borneo and quite common.