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An Odd Couple at Dempsey.


Dempsey Hill is known for its high end restaurants and chill out places. But the place is all quiet during the day. If you venture there in the mornings, you will hear birds chipping and squirrels squeaking. Many of the old trees and green ground cover have been left intact providing food and refuge to both animal and birds. The Greater Coucal, a forest edge forager had been seen here. Oriental Dollarbirds and Bee-eaters made use of the tall branches to launch their sorties for insects on the fly. I have seen Grey-headed Fish Eagle perched on the dead trees here even though there are no water bodies around. This morning a pair of returning Oriental Honey Buzzards were making a stop over before continuing their migration home. But it was the calls of the Red-jungle Fowl and a Pea Fowl that got me a little excited. Both came out of the bushes and walk around oblivious to my presence.They seemed to enjoy each other’s company. Will they interbreed? What will be the outcome? Red Pea Fowl or Pea-jungle Fowl:). According to the security guard there, the Jungle Fowl has been roaming the area for sometime now but the Pea Fowl was a recent addition to the area. It can’t have flown in from Sentosa. Someone may have brought it over here to relief the over population there?. Most likely some owners released it here after complaints of its loud calls or it may have belong to a operator there.