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A Short Visit to Jurong Eco Gardens.


Made a short visit to Jurong Eco Gardens on Friday 8th September to check if any of the migrant flycatchers or shrikes were around. It was rather quiet for most of the morning. Even the usual residents were absent except for four Straw-headed Bulbuls and a pair of Oriental Magpie Robins. At least their melodious song livened up the place.

Magpie Robin at JEG
After so many years, this is the first time I managed to get this pose of the Oriental Magpie Robin. 

So the next best thing to do is to do some butterfly watching even though the Leea indica plants were past their flowering. Luckily the butterflies were out in force even if they are the more common species.

Leea indica
The Leea indicas were all past flowering. Morning dew hanging on the buds of the Leea indica.

The Common Mormons were easy to see, so was a Common Birdwing. The rarer Grey Pansies were chasing each other in the company of the Chocolate Pansies. But the summit was quiet this morning, no signs of the Lesser Harlequins.

Grey Pansy at JEG
Grey Pansy, the rarest of the four species of pansies enjoying the sunshine. Surprised to see a few of them around. 

Two Leopards were flying around the Weeping Willow trees, their host plant, by the side of the pond.

Leopard at its host plant
Leopard at its host plant

Like some alien species, this young shoot of the Elephant Foot Fern.

Elephant foot Yam
Vulnerable Elephant Foot’s Fern.
Commom Mormon at JEG
The Polytes female form of Commom Mormon feeding on the Lantana.

The Traveler’s Palm from Madagascar is not a true palm. It is elegant looking but is out of favor as the base of its fronds trap water for mosquitoes to breed. I found only a small cluster here.

p9092208 Symmetricand colorful patterns of the Travelers Palm

Found several new species of butterflies in the park.