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Size does not matter

When it comes to looking after their youngs, the Greater Racket-tailed Drongos like all parents are super protective. When a perceived predator invades their territory they will try their best to chase it away, even though the predator is many times their size. Size does not matter. It does not know that the Oriental Honey Buzzard goes after the larvae of bees and other insects. Instinct just kicks in.


All this female Oriental Honey Buzzard wanted was to take a rest after migrating across from Indonesia. Unfortunately it came too close to a pair of nesting Greater Racket-tailed Drongos. The GRT Drongo at first just stood guard and hoped that the OHB will go away.


After a few minutes stand off,  the GRT Drongo cannot wait any longer and decided to attack and chase the OHB away.


The GRT Drongo went for the soft under belly even though it may come close to the talons of the OHB. That is really  brave.


Bang! It happened so fast that I did not notice that it made contact until I check the photo. It followed up with another attack from the top to make sure it got the message after this. On its own this photo looks like the OHB has caught the Drongo.

Reference: Yong Ding Li, Lim Kim Chuah and Lee Tiah Khee. A Naturalist’s Guide to the Birds of Singapore. 2013 John Beaufoy Publications.