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Birding China-Fuzhou Forest Park.

Day 1. 28th May 2016

Fuzhou Forest Park.

Fuzhou in Fujian Province is about 4.5 hours from Singapore. Xiamen Airlines has a late afternooon direct flight arriving just in time for us to get a good night sleep. Alfred Chia did all the organising for this 8 days trip covering South East China with the help of our super guide Menxiu Tong who runs the China Wild Tour Company. Tan Julin, Tai Ping Ling, Tan Bee Lan, Yang Pah Liang and Tony Pang from Shanghai made up the group.


Fuzhou Forest Park at the northern outskirt of the city is a popular place for morning walks by the locals. A small stream run down the park. Grey Treepie and Red-billed Blue Magpie are common here.

We were looking for the White-necklaced Partridge this morning but it needed a long climb up the side of the hills. Pah Liang, Bee Lan and I could only made it to about 10 storeys up and had to give up. The rest struggled up and were rewarded with good views of the partridge at around the 78th storey.

Fuzhou Forest Park
A lake at Fuzhou Forest Park

For the three of us, we had to settle for the more common Chinese Bamboo Partridges that came out into the open to feed at the picnic areas.

Chinese Bamboo Partridges
Chinese Bamboo Partridges were used to humans in the park
Chestnut Bulbul preening
Chestnut Bulbul showing off its flight feathers.
Black Bulbul
Black Bulbul are also common in the park.

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