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Butterflies of Sabah.

By Alan OwYong.

We photographed 21 butterfly species during our 4 days of birding at the Trus Madi Conservation Area, Gunung Alab Substation and Mahua Waterfalls, all part of the Crocker Range of Sabah, from 14 t0 17 June 2022. One endemic and two sub endemic species.

Here are some of the butterflies that are not found or gone extinct in Singapore. Will appreciate any corrections on the identity and notes.

With David Tseu, Wilson Leung, Theresa Ng.

Mydosama pitana. Endemic to Borneo. Photographed at Trus Madi montane forest.
The Bornean subspecies of the Orange Gull. Cepora judith montana. We saw this by the roadside at around 500m and at the Mahua Waterfalls.
Common Mapwing. Cyrestis maenalis seminigra ( Northern Borneo). Puddling at the camp area.
Large Assyrian. A few seen near the camp area along the logging track
Black Prince at Gunung Alab
Straight-lined Mapwing. A butterfly found in South East Asia. Photographed at the Mahua Waterfalls
Potanthus sp. Mahua Waterfalls.
Great Orange Tip. Extinct in Singapore.
Great Orange Tip. Mimics a dead leaf when resting to avoid predators.