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30th Annual Bird Census at Kent Ridge Park


I have been doing bird survey and census at Kent Ridge Park for the last decade and I think I knew about the bird life in this park. But this morning’s Annual Bird Census, the 30th, with Woo Lai Choo threw out some surprises. Right from the start just after we came out of the car, a Chestnut-bellied Malkoha landed on a Mahang tree by the side of the road. This is a forest specialist but has been spreading out. This particular Malkoha had been reported at the park in recent years.

Then we came across a Laced Woodpecker and a Common Goldenback doing something completely out of the ordinary. It was pecking at at the fruits of an Oil Palm and taking the juice of the fruit. Woodpeckers feed on small insects, ants and larvae. So could this be some kind of food supplement?


Just before the end an adult Changeable Hawk Eagle flew in and settled on a tall tree branch. Some years back, it was a regular visitor to the park but have not been seen lately. There is an active nest further down the Ridge and I think the park is part of its hunting range.

In all we recorded 34 species, a good number for the park.