Fishing White-bellied Sea-eagle.

Platform 1 or Choo’s Platform at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is the favorite place to shoot White-bellied Sea-eagles, Brahminy Kites, Ospreys, Great-billed Herons, Egrets and Terns in action. It looks into the Johor Straits, the breakwaters, a tall mangrove tree and the floating fish farms.

The waters in between are teeming with fishes that either escaped from the farms or were attracted there by the free food. It has since become the best place to photograph these raptors and herons in all kinds of activities. Here are a sequence of a White-bellied Sea-eagle catching a fish from the straits. Excuse for the less than perfect shots as I was hand holding my old manual Nikon lens.   


The low approach.

Both talons out in front
Both talons out in front
The bounce
The bounce
The Grab
The Grab


The Prize.

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