From Birds to Butts.

Plane feeding on Syzygium sp
Rare male Plane feeding on Syzygium sp. This butterfly was the main attraction.

What does a birder do when the birds are quiet and lifers are hard to come by? Luckily in Singapore, there are many other fauna to check out. Thanks to Kim Keang’s alert earlier this week, I went butting or butterfly shooting at a reservoir park.

Suffused Flash
The Suffused Flash is a small butterfly that is easily missed.
Slated Flash
Is this a Flash or a Royal? Still waiting for an ID.

In two days I ended up with eight lifers, some uncommon and a few rare butterflies. I don’t remembered seeing so many new and rare birds in two days in my years of birding. I was told that the flowering Syzygium species at the edge of the Central forest was the reason why so many hard to see butterfly species were seen. Besides the butterflies, there were hoverfly, beetles and moths to keep me busy.

White Banded Awl
White Banded Awl pointed out to me by Soon Chye
Brown Awl
Brown Awl is rather rare and hard to spot
Malay Lacewing
Malay Lacewing. Missed the Plain Lacewing.
Little Malpet
Hard to shoot Little Malpet
Vinous Oakblue
Vinous Oakblue
Tiger Bettle
One of the many Tiger Beetles found in our forests.

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