Oriental White-eyes


Love is in the air at Jurong Eco Park. Caught these two Oriental White-eyes, Zosterops palpebrosus,  taking turns to preen each other. The one on the right seems to enjoy the attention of its mate getting groom at the neck, a spot it cannot reach. It is listed as a common resident. Several authors recorded their presence in the 30s-50s, but cannot rule out escapees from the bird cage trade. (Lim K.S. 1985) reported that they became absent in most habitats by the 1970s, maybe due to the loss of mangroves. Their population increased with frequent sightings along the Southern Ridges in the 90s. This could be due to the more released or escaped birds from the bird pet trade than any remnant population. Reference: The Avifauna of Singapore Lim Kim Seng 2009.

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